Cooperación empresarial (*Tomate)

  • Electronic payment system by presence
    el día 21 noviembre, 2021 a las 12:00 am

    A Spanish university has developed an automated payment system, in which neither the user nor the collector needs to intervene. The transaction occurs only through the physical presence of the user at the site thanks to an application installed on the user smartphone and the sensorization of the control area to detect the presence of users. Companies dealing with secure payment systems are sought for license or technical cooperation agreements.

  • Cyprus company offers complete enterprise solutions based on Explainable Artificial Intelligence
    el día 19 noviembre, 2021 a las 12:00 am

    The Cyprus start-up company offers innovative, affordable, and efficient automated solutions based on Explainable Artificial Intelligence, machine, and deep learning algorithms to enable businesses to offer the ultimate customer centric experience. It is looking for industry partners or universities with a high level of customer service roles for licensing or commercial agreements with technical assistance for adoption of the technologies.

  • Edible coffee cups and tableware
    el día 10 noviembre, 2021 a las 12:00 am

    A UK company has started semi-automated production of edible coffee cups. Other products like lids and tableware will follow. This product completely solves the issue with existing recyclable or compostable cups. Food and coffee manufacturers and vendors are sought to make new products under technical co-operation followed by licensing and manufacturing agreements. European tooling makers for baking equipment are sought for the same, to ramp up capability.

Licitaciones internacionales (*Tomate)

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