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  • 2020: a clear surge of imports
    el día 8 octubre, 2020 a las 9:26 am

    The accelerator effect of CoVid on demand To borrow the expression used by the Chairman of the Tomato News Board, Martin Stilwell, in his opening editorial of our Yearbook 2020, the tomato processing sector “clearly had a surge of […]

  • Publication: The 2020 Processed Tomato Yearbook
    el día 5 octubre, 2020 a las 6:50 pm

    Every year, Tomato News publishes its printed Processed Tomato Yearbook which is distributed free of charge at industry events (Tomato News Conference, WPTC Congress, CibusTec, ...) and sold on our website. Printing of the 2020 Processed Tomato […]

  • WPTC Crop update as of 2 October 2020
    el día 5 octubre, 2020 a las 8:43 am

    The end of the harvest in several countries has made it possible to clarify the provisional results of the 2020 season. As of October 2, the quantities processed on a global scale amount to 38.282 million metric tonnes, down by 1,0 million tonnes […]

  • Biodegradable plastics: agricultural practices, life-cycle and regulatory framework (1)
    el día 17 septiembre, 2020 a las 12:27 pm

    (Part 1) Opinion trends and political decisions taken in favor of limiting chemical inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.), particularly in Europe, have had a positive impact on the use of agricultural plastics, in addition to drastically (and […]

  • Global Trade of Tomato Paste, Updated 15 September 2020
    el día 16 septiembre, 2020 a las 1:38 am

    Comparison of monthly exports over the past two years   For each of the ten countries (China, Italy, Spain, USA, Portugal, Chile, Turkey, Ukraine, Greece, Netherlands (and Iran)) that play a significant role in international trade, Tomato News […]