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  • Exports to the UK: will Brexit have no impact?
    el día 3 enero, 2020 a las 11:15 am

    The United Kingdom leaves the EU: 10 key dates On 23 June 2016, in a referendum organized by former Prime Minister David Cameron, 51.9% of Britons choose to leave the EU. On 29 March 2017, the representative of the United Kingdom to the European […]

  • The worldwide paste trade: 2018/2019 trends and patterns
    el día 25 diciembre, 2019 a las 10:03 pm

    Tomato paste: the 3.5 million mT threshold is very close After several years of sluggish growth, leading to a degree of uncertainty in a hesitant and extremely tense context, the 2018/2019 marketing year recorded a slight break in the progression of […]

  • WPTC Crop update as of 16 December 2019
    el día 25 diciembre, 2019 a las 10:03 pm

    Slight adjustments in preliminary results made the 2019 global processed quantities were revised from 37,379 million metric tonnes (as of 19 November) to 37.398 million metric tonnes (as of 16 December). In Egypt, the autumn (Nile) crop is ongoing. […]

  • US trade results in 2018/2019
    el día 25 diciembre, 2019 a las 10:03 pm

    Turnover from the export sector in 2018/2019 lower than 2012/2013 results Last year, which was the fourth consecutive year of declining sales for US exports of tomato products, the total value of goods exported by US operators was just over USD 637 […]

  • Worldwide water scarcity by 2040
    el día 25 diciembre, 2019 a las 10:02 pm

    The seasons go by one after another, each with its share of climatic incidents, rarely beneficial for crops, most often harmful – sometimes downright catastrophic – and always impossible to predict. But it has been noted in recent years […]